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Our Misssion

Empowering Youth through musical instruments. . .

The AFT-ID team will identify individuals “givers” who have underused instruments and would like to “Play it Forward” by donating their instruments to AFT-ID.

The AFT-ID team will work to identify individuals, schools or organizations who would benefit from having access to their own instruments.

Play it Forward Pledge - when AFT-ID provides instruments to youth, AFT-ID will request that the youth return the instrument if they upgrade or decide they are no longer interested in playing that type of instrument. This will allow the instruments to remain in rotation and help to provide
more instruments to youth.

Empowering Youth through the power of education and life skills. . .

The AFT-ID team will identify individuals who would like to share their musical skills /talents through education and would like to donate their time to AFT-ID.

The AFT-ID team will connect players to educators to help advance their musical/life skills. AFT-ID will fundraise in order to provide paid lessons where AFT-ID volunteers
don’t have the skills & time required to provide the best education for the youth.

AFT-ID will develop programming targeted to provide musical & life skills. These programs are
expected to be in person and via online platforms. Topics may include: leadership training, goal setting, project management, practice techniques, instrument care, performing preparation, etc.

Empowering Youth through the power of live performance. . .

AFT-ID will create opportunities for our youth to share their talents by creating bands and live performance opportunities.

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