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Danny DeVore

Vice President

Since 1965, I wanted to "play it forward".  Having been a recipient of the Boys Club and Big Brother programs, I saw the value of the effects of such generosity.

As a young underprivileged boy, I had the passion to be a great drummer.  Thank Ringo Starr and the Beatles for that .  I was beating on trash can lids and shoe boxes at age 6.  Once I made it to the 7th grade, I was able to benefit from the Big Brothers Program.  Jimmie Dillard became my Big Brother.  He took me under his wing and gave me private lessons.  The value of that, taught me self-control, discipline, study habits, and influenced the level of performance that I have enjoyed for many years.  I received International Recognition for my drumming.

I have done everything from school dances, large concerts, served in the Army Band 6 years, and have done many recording sessions, both in the US and Europe.  

My desire is to share my talents, time and treasure to " Play it Forward" to as many individuals and organizations that I can.  If only a few benefits like I did, it will make a huge impact on them, their family, friends and future.  It will bring many years of joy and happiness. AFT-ID will give me the ability to accomplish my personal goal. 

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