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Emily Spivy

Chief Marketing Officer

AFT-ID is important to me because every child deserves a chance to be creative, and express themselves. As a child, I had a tape recorder, and made up my own radio station, WEDW, often performing as "DJ" and creating the music myself. 

I'm the marketing officer, therefore I am doing my part to increase awareness about AFT-ID, and how we all can make a child's life better. 

I hope that I can bring awareness about the importance of encouraging music, and growth with children. My audio cassette recorder when I was a child, along with a guitar, created a love of the arts for me. Every child should have that opportunity.

I'm an Emmy award winning producer/director/editor, and I have worked in public and commercial television since 1995. I've also kept some form of a website since 1996. I also enjoy playing bass, watercolors, pencil drawings, photography, PC gaming, kayaking & bicycling. 

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