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Robyn Coleman


·    Why AFT-ID is important to me

    • I think that the mission that Acoustic Freight Train Instrument Donation takes upon itself is one of the most important there is in sharing the love of music and all that it entails. Being able to create music is something that I find fortunate about my life, so the opportunity to help others do the same is fulfilling.

·   My role and my vision of my role

    • As the treasurer and newest board member, I hope to gain understanding and experience from those around me and cultivate that to have the organization grow and expand its reach.

·    The impact / legacy I plan on leaving

    • I hope to leave an impact of encouragement and a love of music that passes on generations, just like it has been passed to me.

·    Who I am

    • I am a recent graduate from the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville where I majored in Finance Management and Investing with a minor in Legal Studies. I was born into a musical family which helped me pick up the violin, trumpet, French horn, and guitar. I have been fortunate enough to be involved in local programs like the Tulsa Honors Orchestra and the Jenks High School Trojan Pride. I also feel like I have some luck involved that Jana Jae, esteemed violinist/fiddle player, is my grandmother.

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