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Steve Daily

Since I was a child I have enjoyed writing songs and creating musical arrangements. Music has been a major part of my life since before I learned to play an instrument. It brings me great joy to provide mentorship to aspiring musicians and help connect them to instruments they might not otherwise have access to. I have always given my old equipment to worthy homes instead of trying to sell it. AFT-ID takes that mission to another level connection young people and schools with music.

As a member of AFT-ID I want to be able to help locate and repair instruments that can be provided to schools and aspiring musicians in need.

If even one school or young musician is able to continue a program or continue on their musical journey because there was like-minded assistance, then the mission is a success.

I have focused my musical path on guitar, bass, drums, writing, arranging, recording, and performance. In college I studied music education with an emphasis on percussion and voice and got my B.S. in computer science with an option in management and music education. My M.S. was in telecommunications with an emphasis on computer science. I write software and perform in local bands. As a kid I loved to read. Later I fell in love with running in mud and adventure races. These days my leisure thoughts are focused on my kids and the beach.

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