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Sean Moore


  • Why AFT-ID is important to you

    • As a child and young aspiring musician getting my 1st instruments was essential in framing who I am today as a songwriter, performer and person. My 1st guitar (a grey Gibson Sonex) was the conduit to creating me. I want to help young people find themselves, their voice and what they want to see and be in the world.

  • Your role and your vision of your role

    • As President of AFT-ID I hope to inspire our board, our volunteers, our donors to see the magnitude they can personally and as a team impact on future generations. 

  • The impact / legacy you plan on leaving

    • Empowering our youth with the power of music. I can't wait to hear the stories 20 years from now about how we've positively impacted individuals and the world around us.

  • Who you are

    • Songwriter, Singer, Guitarist, Harmonica Player, Father, Husband and Grateful Friend. I'm a student of passion and continuous improvement. I've been blessed to be surrounded by great teachers from my children, my wife, my great-uncle, my grandfather and all the incredible mentors that make up my personal, professional and musical family.

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